Schneider Electric LXM28AU07M3X motion servo drive, Lexium 28, single and three phase 200...230 V, 750 W

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Weight: 4.000 lbs

This product is part of the Lexium 28 range, an offer of motion servo drives for machines from 0.05 to 4.5kW. The motion servo drive without EMC filter, features a HMI interface 7-segment display with 5 buttons. Thanks to its open communication concept, Lexium 28 servo drive can be easily integrated into numerous different control system architectures. It is a motion servo drive with a rated supply voltage of 220V (single and three phase), an output current of 13.5A at 220V, a power of 750W/1HP and a continuous power of 750W at 220V. It is furnished with spring terminal for electrical connection and RJ45 connectors for CANopen, CANmotion integrated communication interfaces. Physical interface is RS485 for Modbus Serial line slave. It is an IP20 rated product. Its dimensions are 55mm (Width) x 146mm (Depth) x 150mm (Height). It weighs 1kg. This product is certified by CE, CSA and CULus. It meets EN/IEC 61800-5-1 standards. This product is compatible with servo motor BCH2 (130mm, 1 motor stacks) at 500W, servo motor BCH2 (80mm, 2 motor stacks) at 750W and servo motor BCH2 (130mm, 1 motor stacks) at 600W. Lexium 28 and Lexium BCH2, the optimized servo bundle for all motion control solutions are cost effective, energy efficient and embedded safety. Lexium 28 servo drives and Lexium BCH2 servo motors, optimized servo bundles for compact machines.


Range of ProductLexium 28
Product or Component TypeMotion servo drive
device short nameLXM28A
format of the driveCompact housing
line current6 A 181.8 % 220 V, single phase
6 A 160.6 % 220 V, three phase


PhaseSingle phase
Three phase
[Us] rated supply voltage220 V - 10...15 %)three phase
220 V - 20...15 %)single phase
supply voltage limits200…255 V three phase
170…255 V single phase
supply frequency50/60 Hz - 5...5 >#/span###
Network Frequency47.5...63 Hz
EMC filterWithout EMC filter
continuous output current4.5 A 16 kHz
output current 3s peak13.5 A 220 V
continuous power750 W 220 V
nominal power0.75 kW 220 V 16 kHz
switching frequency16 kHz
overvoltage categoryIII
maximum leakage current1.3 mA
output voltage<= power supply voltage
electrical isolationBetween power and control
type of cableShielded motor cable 32…131 °F (0…55 °C)) copper
electrical connectionSpring terminal 0.82...1 mm², AWG 18 L1-L2)
Spring terminal 0.82...1 mm², AWG 18 R, S, T)
Spring terminal 0.82...1 mm², AWG 18 U, V, W, PE)
Spring terminal 0.82...1 mm², AWG 18 PA/+, PBe)
discrete input number8 programmable CN1)
1 pulse train input (PTI) CN1)
2 fast capture CN1)
1 safety function STO CN9)
discrete input voltage24 V DC logic
discrete input logicPositive or negative CN1)
discrete output number5 logic output CN1)12...24 V DC
1 pulse train output (PTO) CN1)
discrete output voltage12...24 V DC
discrete output logicPositive or negative CN1)
analogue input number2
absolute accuracy error0.1 >#/span###
analogue input typeV_REF voltage analog input - 10...10 V 10 kOhm 14 bits
T_REF voltage analog input
control signal typeServo motor encoder feedback CN2
protection typeAgainst reverse polarity inputs signal
Against short-circuits outputs signal
Overcurrent motor
Overvoltage motor
Undervoltage motor
Overheating motor
Overload motor
Overspeed motor
safety functionSTO (safe torque off), Integrated
safety levelSIL 2 IEC 61800-5-2 2007
SIL 2 IEC 61508-1 2010
PL d/category 3 EN/ISO 13849-1 2008
SIL 2 EN/ISO 13849-1 2009/AC
SIL 2 EN 60204-1 2006
SIL 2 EN 60204-1 2009/A1
SIL 2 EN 60204-1 2010/AC
SIL 2 IEC 62061 2012
communication interfaceCANopen, Integrated
CANmotion, Integrated
connector typeRJ45 CN4)CANopen, CANmotion
method of accessSlave
transmission rate250 kbit/s 328.08…820.21 ft (100…250 m) CANopen, CANmotion
500 kbit/s 13.12…328.08 ft (4…100 m) CANopen, CANmotion
1 Mbit/s 13.12 ft (4 m) CANopen, CANmotion
number of addresses1…127 CANopen, CANmotion
physical interfaceRS485 Modbus Serial line slave
status LED1 LED (Red) charge
1 LED (Green) RUN
1 LED (Red) error
signalling functionServo status and fault codes five 7-segment display units
type of coolingIntegrated fan
operating positionVertical
product compatibilityServo motor BCH2 5.12 in (130 mm), 1 500 W
Servo motor BCH2 3.15 in (80 mm), 2 750 W
Servo motor BCH2 5.12 in (130 mm), 1 600 W
Width2.17 in (55 mm)
Height5.91 in (150 mm)
Depth5.75 in (146 mm)
Net Weight2.20 lb(US) (1 kg)
output current 3s peak 213.5 A 220 V
output current 3s peak 313.5 A 220 V


electromagnetic compatibilityConducted emission level 3category C3 EN/IEC 61800-3
standardsEN/IEC 61800-5-1
Product CertificationsCE
IP degree of protectionIP20
vibration resistance3M4 3 mm 9…200 Hz)IEC 60721-3-3
shock resistance10 gn, type I IEC 60721-3-3
relative humidity5…95 % without condensation
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation32…131 °F (0…55 °C)
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage-13…149 °F (-25…65 °C)
operating altitude<= 3280.84 ft (1000 m) without derating
> 3280.84...6561.68 ft (> 1000...2000 m) 1 % per 100 m

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Category18262-LEXIUM 23/28 SERVO DRIVES
Discount SchedulePC51
Country of originCN

Packing Units

Unit Type of Package 1PCE
Package 1 Length9.33 in (23.694 cm)
Number of Units in Package 11
Package 3 Width31.50 in (80 cm)
Package 3 Weight147.81 lb(US) (67.044 kg)
Package 2 Width11.77 in (29.9 cm)
Package 2 Height11.81 in (30 cm)
Package 2 Weight15.87 lb(US) (7.2 kg)
Number of Units in Package 340
Unit Type of Package 3P06
Package 3 Height31.50 in (80 cm)
Package 3 Length23.62 in (60 cm)
Package 1 Width9.03 in (22.941 cm)
Package 1 Height3.02 in (7.679 cm)
Package 1 Weight2.89 lb(US) (1.31 kg)
Number of Units in Package 25
Unit Type of Package 2S03
Package 2 Length15.67 in (39.8 cm)


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