Schneider Electric TM238LDD24DT Electric Modicon M238 PLC CPU Digital Output, ModBus Networking Interface

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Weight: 4.000 lbs

Family Name Modicon Controllers Family

For Use With Modicon M238 Logic Controller

IP Rating IP68 

Series Twido Series

UPC Code 785901958802

Schneider Electric Modicon Twido Series | TM2 Input/Output Modules - Compact & Modular Base Programmable Controllers | Programmable Controllers for Standard Applications Comprising 10 to 100 I/O:

The Twido range of compact programmable controllers offers an “all-in-one” solution in a compact overall size: 80 to 157 x 90 x 70 mm. Eight compact base controllers (among which 4 expandable base controllers by addition of expansion I/O modules) are available, differing in their processing capacity and in their number of c 24 V inputs and number of relay and transistor outputs (10, 16, 24 and 40 I/O).

Among other diagnostics made, if the logic controller determines that there are I/O modules defined in the configuration that are not physically present on the I/O bus, an error is detected and the I/O bus does not start. With the Optional module feature, the logic controller ignores the absent I/O expansion modules that you have marked as optional, which then allows the logic controller to start the I/O expansion bus. The logic controller starts the I/O expansion bus at configuration time (following a power cycle, application download, or initialization command) even if optional expansion modules are not physically connected to the logic controller. Open to numerous communication networks, flexible due its 3 types of base (Compact, Modular) and wide range of I/Os, Twido and its associated TwidoSuite software provide simple and astute solutions for all your predicaments.

The range of TM2 expansion modules includes:
- Digital expansion modules
- Analog expansion modules
- Communication expansion module
- Expert expansion modules

Input/Output TM2:

  • 15 digital I/O modules (transistors or relays)
  • 12 analog I/O modules (0...10V,0...20mA, temperature)

    The compact controller solution also allows great wiring flexibility. For discrete I/O expansion modules (with base controllers TWD LCpA 24DRF and TWD LCpp 40DRF) several possible types of connection are offered, such as removable screw terminal blocks and spring type connections which allow simple, fast and safe wiring. The Modicon Telefast ABE 7 pre-wired system allows the connection of modules with HE 10 connectors to pre-formed cables with free wires at one end for direct connection to sensors/preactuators, the Modicon Telefast ABE 7 pre-wired system for Twido controller (connection cable and ABE 7 sub-base assembly). The display and plug-in memory options allow easy adjustment, transfer and backup of applications the digital display can be used as a local display and adjustment tool, the EEPROM technology in the memory cartridges allows backup and transfer of programs to any Twido compact or modular controller. TwidoSuite software allows easy programming using instruction list language instructions or ladder language graphic objects.
  • Twido Compact Features: “All in one” product, screw terminal connection
  • 10 compact bases, 10, 16, 24 and 40 I/O, including 6 expandable bases using 4 to 7 digital (different connection methods) or analogue I/O modules, together with options: display, real-time clock, memory...
  • Supply 24 V DC or 100... 240 V AC
  • Modbus, CANopen, Ethernet (integrated on 40 I/O)
  • Twido Modular Features: Very compact (40 I/O within 95 x 90 x 70 mm), removable screw terminals or HE10 (pre-wired) connection
  • 5 bases, 20 or 40 I/O, expandable using 4 to 7 digital (different connection methods) or analogue I/O modules, together with options: display, real-time clock, memory...
  • Supply 24 VDC
  • Modbus, CANopen, Ethernet
  • For expandable compact base (24 and 40 I/O models), a variety of expansion options and product options offer the user a degree of flexibility which is generally only available with larger automation platforms:
  • With 24 I/O compact base controllers TWD LCpA 24DRF, up to 4 discrete and/or analogue I/O expansion and/or communication modules
  • With 40 I/O compact base controllers TWD LCpp 40DRF, up to 7 expansion modules (discrete and/or analogue I/O and/or communication)

  • Simple stand-alone installations: lighting management, heating and air conditioning, access control, control/monitoring
  • Repetitive and compact machines: conveyers, lifts, automatic dispensers

  • Brands:

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