Sick MRA-F130-410D2 High-Line wire draw encoder, 6029790

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    Accessory groupWire draw mechanism
    DescriptionHighLine wire draw mechanism for face mount flange with 10 mm shaft, measuring range 0 m ... 10 m
    Items suppliedWithout encoder
    Measurement range0 m ... 10 m
    Reproducibility≤ 1.5 mm
    Linearity≤ ± 2 mm
    Hysteresis≤ 3 mm
    Weight4.8 kg (Wire draw mechanism)
    Weight (measuring wire)7.1 g/m
    Measuring wire materialHighly flexible stranded steel 1,4401 stainless steel V4A
    Material, spring housingPlastic
    Housing material, wire draw mechanismAluminum (anodised), plastic
    Length of wire pulled out per revolution332.4 mm
    Actual wire draw length10.2 m
    Spring return force≤ 10 N ... 20 N 1)
    Measuring wire diameter1.35 mm
    Wire acceleration40 m/s²
    Operating speed8 m/s
    ResolutionTo calculate the resolution of the system please use following formula:length of wire draw per revolution / steps per revolution = resolution of the combination of wire draw + encoder
    Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +70 °C
    Enclosure rating mechanicIP64
    Life of wire draw mechanismTyp. 1,000,000 cycles 2) 3)
    • 1) These values were measred at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. There may be variations at other temperatures.
    • 2) Average values, which depend on the application.
    • 3) The service life depends on the type of load. This is influenced by environmental conditions, the installation location, the measuring range in use, the traversing speed, and acceleration.
    ECl@ss 5.027270591
    ECl@ss 5.1.427270591
    ECl@ss 6.027279103
    ECl@ss 6.227279103
    ECl@ss 7.027279103
    ECl@ss 8.027279103
    ECl@ss 8.127279103
    ECl@ss 9.027270591
    ECl@ss 10.027270591
    ECl@ss 11.027270591
    ETIM 5.0EC002026
    ETIM 6.0EC002026
    ETIM 7.0EC002026
    UNSPSC 16.090139122221


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