SKF TIH 100M Medium induction heater with a 120 kg bearing heating capacity

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TIH 100M
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The SKF medium induction heater TIH 100m has the same high standards of efficiency and performance as the small heater combined with increased capacity. The advanced design of the power electronics allows features of accurate electric current control, cut-outs to avoid overheating, controls on rate of temperature increase, these are as some of the standard features in the TIH...m range.
• Capable of heating a 97 kg (213 lb) bearing in less than 20 minutes
• Supplied standard with three yokes, allowing bearings with a bore diameter from 20 mm (0.8 in.) up to a maximum weight of 120 kg (264 lb) to be heated
• Swivel arm for large size yoke 

Technical data

Designation TIH 100m
Max. bearing weight 120 kg (264 lb)
Bore diameter range 20–400 mm (0.8–15.7 in.)
Operating area (w × h) 155 × 205 mm (6.1 × 8 in.)
Coil diameter 110 mm (4.3 in.)
Standard yokes (included)
to suit bearing/workpiece
minimum bore diameter
80 mm (3.1 in.)
40 mm (1.6 in.)
20 mm (0.8 in.)
Application example
(bearing, weight,
temperature, time)
23156 CC/W33,
97 kg, 110 °C, 20m
Max. power consumption 3,6 kVA (230 V)
4,0–4,6 kVA (400–460 V)
Technical data
1) Some special voltage versions (e.g. 575V, 60 Hz CSA ready) are available for specific countries. For additional information, please contact your local SKF authorised distributor.
2) Maximum heating temperature capacity depends on the weight and geometry of the bearing or workpiece. The heaters can achieve higher temperatures, please contact SKF for advice.
3) For heating components other than bearings, SKF recommends consideration of TIH L MB series heater. Contact SKF to help you select a suitable induction heater for your application.
Voltage 1)
100–240 V/50–60 Hz
100–120 V/50–60 Hz
200–240 V/50–60 Hz
400–460 V/50–60 Hz

TIH 100m/230 V
TIH 100m/MV
Temperature control 2) 20 to 250 °C (68 to 482 °F)
Demagnetisation according
to SKF norms
<2 A/cm
Dimensions (w × d × h) 570 × 230 × 350 mm
(22.4 × 9 × 13.7 in.)
Total weight (incl. yokes) 42 kg (92 lb)


datasheet (0901d1968007a96d-14385EN_TIH100m_tcm_12-35761.pdf, 138 Kb) [Download]


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